At Polam School we know that a healthy, balanced diet is vital for happy and motivated children.

Meals and snacks are prepared daily on the premises in our dedicated kitchen by our own Head of Catering and staff. The menu is varied throughout the term and children have a choice each day from a number of options, so they will always find something they like. Dietary and religious requirements are catered for.

With the exception of the younger Nursery children who eat in their classrooms, all children and staff eat together in the Main Hall. Staff sit at the head of the table providing assistance where required, and encouraging the children to use good manners. The youngest children are served at the table whilst children from Reception age upwards go to the servery where they are able to choose their meal and carry it back, thus encouraging independence.

We work closely with caterers Thomas Franks, who select the best local and regional seasonal produce. Please visit their website to see further information on the catering provided at Polam, along with menus, nutrition advice and seasonal recipe ideas.

We provide all the food for our children whilst they are in school, from mid-morning snacks, a 2-course hot lunch, through to a light tea at the end of the day (for those children staying for after school/wraparound care).  We do not offer the facility for children to bring in their own snacks or lunch from home.  We have an increasing number of children who have specific dietary requirements, whether these be cultural, allergy based or a lifestyle choice.  With this in mind, we feel it necessary to have full control of all foods within our school to ensure that there is no possibility of children, particularly those with allergies, coming into contact with foods that could affect their health and well being.


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Spring Term 2022

Spring Term 2022


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