Polam School is a non-selective setting where children are encouraged to meet challenges set for them by their teachers and by themselves in their learning. We are very proud of all our pupil’s accomplishments, whatever their strengths or abilities, and celebrate each individual’s achievements.  Our aim is to produce happy, confident children who are excited and engaged in their learning.

Since the start of the pandemic we have continued to provide an outstanding, uninterrupted education to all of our pupils. Due to the extraordinary efforts of our teachers and support staff, who have risen to every challenge thrown at them, education has not been interrupted. Every step of the way we have focused on the needs of our children by giving vital face-to-face teaching opportunities, introducing wellbeing as a staple part of our in-school and online curriculum, and ensuring attainment is not impacted.

Our autumn 2020 term teacher assessments, along with standardised test results, are shown below. This data is compared with both national and local authority data for primary schools from 2019. The government has made the decision not to publish 2020 data. Whilst this is not a clear like-for-like comparison, we have compared our most recent results, after several months of school closures, with national/local results before the impact of COVID-19.

For details of our pass rates and destination schools please see our Leavers Destinations page.

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