During the Summer term each year, our Headteacher, Mrs Harris, meets with the parents of all children in Year 1, to discuss the various options ahead.

Many parents will want their child to sit entrance examinations for the three Harpur Trust Schools for entry in Year 3.  Other parents may have another school in mind, or may wish to keep their child in the small environment offered by Polam School for Years 3 and 4.

Whatever their aspirations, the School is here to advise and support parents.

Entrance Examination Results 2016/17

The children have an outstanding record for gaining places at The Harpur Trust Schools in Bedford.

In 2013/14 we had a 100% pass rate for children who took the Harpur Trust examinations and in 2014/15 we had a 100% pass rate for children considered ready for the entrance exams, with some children receiving offers from two schools.In 2015/16, we again had a 100% pass rate for children considered ready for the entrance exams.

Last year, in 2016/17, 95% of children recommended to sit entrance exams gained entry into the school of their choice.

For those children who are not quite ready to move on to a bigger independent school at the age of 7, Polam’s small Key Stage 2 classes are ideal to give a child time to develop his or her confidence, academically and socially, and for the past 3 years a growing number of children have opted to stay at Polam for Years 3 and 4.

We are also seeing a rise in admissions from children from state schools into Years 1-4, who wish to prepare for the Harpur Trust exams.

Over the past 5 years, our children have progressed to the following schools: