From the 1920s until today. Here is a brief overview of some of the key events in our school’s history.


School Founded

Polam School was founded in 1923 by Miss Crump in her home on Chaucer Road.  It moved to the current site on Lansdowne Road after the end of the Second World War.


A New Owner

In 1962, it was acquired by Mr & Mrs Poole, who arrived with their four children and soon Polam became well-known for its special family atmosphere.


Joined Cognita Group

The School remained a family business, under the Headship of Mr Brown until 2004 when the school was sold.  It was later acquired by the Cognita Schools Group.


Merger with Acorn School - Polam Oaks

In 2008, Cognita purchased Acorn School which was a small family-owned nursery based in St Andrews Road.  Acorns merged with Polam School, and for a while the school became known as Polam Oaks, before returning to its roots and re-embracing the name of Polam School in 2012.


90th Anniversary Celebrations

In 2013 Polam celebrated its 90th Anniversary with a week long programme of events and we are now looking forward to our centenary celebrations in 2023.



Today the School retains the small, family-home feel that has characterised it for 90 years and has a reputation for providing children with a caring, nurturing and happy start in life.  We have an excellent success rate with assessments to the three Harpur Trust Schools in Bedford, but we also feed into a number of other local schools such as Rushmoor and St Andrew’s, and an increasing number of parents are choosing state primary schools, confident in the knowledge that their child has been given the best possible start to their education.

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