Age 4 to 6

Once the children start full time school, usually at age 4-5, they progress to our young teaching groups.  With no more than 7 children in a group, we keep classes small to ensure every child gets special attention and we can give extra help where needed.  The pool is split into three separate classes according to ability with a maximum of 21 in the pool at any one time.

We follow a set scheme of work and the children work towards our own Polam Swim School distance awards which they are tested for towards the end of each term.  As and when they are ready (at any time between the ages of 5 and 6), they progress to the next stage. As with all our swimming classes, our aim is for the children to gain vital safety skills, learn to swim effectively and with grace, and to develop a love for swimming that will hopefully stay with them for life.

Classes run for 30 minutes and we run a wide choice of class times throughout the week (after school) and on Saturday mornings.  Parents and carers can watch from our viewing gallery.

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