Our focus isn’t just on a traditional classroom-based education; we offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities and clubs much of which is part of the weekly timetable, from ballet to soccer, bead craft to maths puzzles, tennis to IT and everything in between.

A variety of clubs are offered daily from 3.30-4.00pm for children in Reception and above (4 years and over), while children in Oaks (3-4years) can attend a special early session of Ballet. Most clubs are provided free of charge, however a small number of clubs, run by external providers, will incur a small charge.

We also have a visiting guitar teacher and tennis coach who can provide tuition at an additional cost.

Don’t forget to visit our Swim School page to find out more about the activities on offer there.

After School Clubs - Autumn 2016

MondayBeginner RecordersYr 1 upwards
Fun ClubF2 upwards
Award Gym ClubYr 1 upwards
Swimming Club Yr 1 upwards
Tuesday Percussion Club F2 upwards
ICT Club Yr 1 upwards
Tennis (cost £56 per term) Yr 1 upwards
Fun Club Yr 1 upwards
Wednesday Modern Foreign LanguagesF2 upwards
Ballet 3.30-4.00pm - F1 & F2 4.00-4.30pm - Yr 1 upwards
Fun Club F2 upwards
Thursday Puzzle/Games Club F2 upwards
Fun ClubF2 upwards
Award Gym ClubYr 1 upwards
Tennis (Improvers) - cost £56 per term Yr 2, 3 & 4
Advanced RecordersYr 1 upwards
Tag Rugby Yr 2 only
Friday Fun Club/Film Club F2 upwards
Construction ClubF2 upwards
Tennis (Beginners) - cost £56 per term F2 upwards
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