Dear Parents,

First I hope that you are well and safe and that you have all managed to find a new normal in this very different world we have found ourselves in. Being asked to stay at home with your loved ones really should be a luxury. However, I have to admit I have found it difficult and challenging at times. I miss being in school, seeing and talking face to face with colleagues, children, parents, being able to shop, meeting friends – the list is long. There have, however, been highlights and treats along the way – having a daughter move back home, if only for a while in these strange circumstances, has been a pleasure – as empty nesters for a long while, having a child home again has been (mostly) a joy.

I do hope you too have found highs amongst the lows and that you are ready for the next chapter of our stay at home adventure which we will navigate together. We had all been aware for some weeks that a school closure was inevitable and as such, we had, and have been, working hard to get ready to carry on the educational journey for our Polam children albeit in a different way.

Polam school will, in these difficult and uncertain times, continue to offer an excellent education for all of our children. Our doors may currently be closed for normal school and nursery days but our teachers and nursery nurses are excited to continue the education programme started in September into the coming summer term.

Nothing can replace actually being in school or nursery, and being taught and cared for in person, but we hope that, through our Online Teaching and Learning Programme, our children will continue to love learning and to be challenged.

At the moment we find ourselves in unusual and unprecedented times, this can be unsettling for our children. While prioritising physical health as we remain at home, we are very aware that in addition, we need to look after mental health and wellbeing too, keeping a sense of normality and daily routine, whilst providing opportunities to flourish. We recognise as a staff working with very young children that they will need to see us and speak with us and we are busy working opportunities to do that into our timetables.

The coming weeks will undoubtedly contain many new challenges, but we are sure that, by working together as a school community, our children will have structure, as well as the time to be creative and pursue more open-ended activities, maintaining a happy balance between academic work and play.

Please do keep in touch and let me know what is going well, any suggestions, how you are getting on and other news that you and your children have to share. I look forward to seeing many of you virtually over the coming term and my I hope very much to see you all in person again very soon,

Jessica Harris


01234 261864