General contact details

Please be assured that staff are contactable each day during our term times and are available to support pupils through their Online Teaching and Learning Programme.

All our staff are very much like many of you, juggling their work-life with looking after young children and managing family life. As such it may be that emails may take a little while to answer but we promise to get back to you as soon as possible and certainly within 24 hours. Should a teacher not be able to work due to illness or other reasons, you will be informed and another staff member will take over the learning for that class.

Please do contact your child’s Form Teacher if you have any general queries.

If there is an issue relating to the work itself, please contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance.

If you have general questions regarding our academic provision, please direct these to Jessica Harris at or Darren O’Neil at darren.o’

If you have general questions regarding our pastoral provision, please direct these to Cara Wharton (SENDCo) (Wednesday – Friday) at or Jessica Harris at

If you have general questions regarding safeguarding, please direct these to the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Anna Vecchio at or Early Years DSL, Laura Bennett at or Deputy DSL Jessica Harris at

The Head, Jessica Harris, can be contacted by email at

Please feel free to contact any other member of staff as you would normally do for all other school matters.


All children learn in their own unique ways and require specific adaptations to support them in their learning and acquisition of new skills. As teachers are not able to provide this level of support to each child remotely, all teachers will ensure to provide a broad and balanced approach to learning tasks based on what they already know about their class. This will ensure that the majority of the class’s needs and interests can be met. Where a child is working at a level significantly higher than that of their peers, additional work or different work may need to be set.

As you know, where a child’s needs require a higher level of adaptation and support, following discussions with you, they are placed on our Special Educational Needs register and a support plan is written. Just as we would in the classroom, remote learning for these children will take into consideration the specific needs of your child and where appropriate may not mirror the tasks set for the rest of the class group. Your child’s class teacher may ensure their planning meets the needs of your child for example by:

Reducing the number of remote learning challenges they expect your child to complete.
Reducing the length of time your child is required to complete a task.
Breaking down tasks and challenges into smaller and more manageable chunks.
Setting more practical activities based around the interests of your child specifically and may not link to whole-class learning.
Being in contact more regularly to check that the work being set is meeting your child’s and your family’s needs.

In addition to this, your child’s class teacher will also ensure that they set work for your child which helps meet the targets set out in their Support Plan or EHCP. This may be in addition to or in replace of remote learning challenges. A copy of their Support Plan or EHCP targets will be sent via email to remind you of these targets and provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions. It may be that some of your child’s targets cannot be met at home and in this case, your child’s class teacher will suggest other suitable targets.

This is a difficult time for all families but for parents supporting children with special educational needs in these unprecedented times educating a child at home can be particularly difficult. We want to ensure that these parents in particular know that the lines of communication are open and that there is support available to you if you would like it.

Our SENDCo Mrs Wharton will be making contact with you all over the coming weeks but is available in the meantime via email should you require any support or guidance. Her email address is:

Getting the Most From Online Learning

We will release regular resources for parents to help you navigate the new world of online learning programmes for your child. We will update you regularly on new content, including parent webinars. The first of these will be the week after the Easter holidays and will be about preparing your child for learning in the Summer term.

Support with Technical Issues

While the school buildings are closed, our learning continues remotely and online. It is important that your hardware and software at home, whoever they belong to, work smoothly in support of your child’s learning.

We are offering a technical support service to help address any issues relating to online learning that may arise for your family. To access our technical support, you can contact us on:

This goes through directly to our team of IT experts. We will then follow up with you through whichever communication channel you prefer, including by phone, to resolve the issue. You may email us at any time and our staff will follow up during business hours, Monday-Friday.

Be Well Tips and Advice for Families

Our focus on wellbeing has never been more important. We are supporting our families and our people in managing the impact of coronavirus with new focused content in the area of wellbeing. These include a range of ‘Cognita Be Well Tips’ on dealing with school closures and talking to your child about coronavirus. More on these and other resources can be found on the Cognita website.

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