Global Be Well Day

We had such a great day today for Global Be Well Day, spending a whole day concentrating on the 5 areas of wellness. Everyone got active by trying Zumba with Miss Vecchio; they embraced a new skill and learned how to plait with Mrs Phillips; connected with an old teacher by email in the ICT suite with Mr O’Neil; and enjoyed a calming, mindful and very glittery session with Mrs Wharton. Some of the older children gave their time and helped with jobs around school and Mrs Harris surprised everyone with her music and speaker, encouraging us to get up and dance!

It was so lovely to dress how we wanted (particularly Mr Bird’s goldfish suit!), to try something new and to spend longer connecting with communal snack and lunch times. A massive thank you to Mrs Wharton who worked so hard to coordinate the day, and for planning even more wellbeing activities for this week.

#GlobalBeWellDay #CognitaBeWell

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