Year 1 & 2 (Key Stage 1 – 5-7 years)

In our Year 1 and 2 classes the children continue their learning journey, accessing a more structured curriculum with their skills, knowledge and understanding further developed across the full range of subjects. Languages, music, swimming and physical education are taught by specialist teachers. A team of qualified and experienced teaching assistants help teachers in their role. School productions, assemblies, and public performances help to develop the children’s creativity and imagination, with local visits and trips further afield enriching their learning experiences and building their understanding of the world around them.

Specialist subject teachers introduce children of all ages to a world of learning that is far broader than just the National Curriculum – with Music, PE, Swimming, French, Spanish and German all part of the weekly timetable. The core skills of literacy and numeracy are of course paramount to the curriculum and we use an in-depth tracking system that monitors the progress of every child and ensures they are on course to reach his or her full potential.

We work closely with parents, ensuring they have detailed information throughout the year as to how their child is progressing.  This is one of the main reasons why the school achieves such consistently good results, with the majority of our children moving on to the Harpur Trust Schools in Bedford.


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