At 3 to 4 years old our children are really developing their enthusiasm for learning. They follow a curriculum that includes a focus on early-literacy, phonics and early maths work. While the emphasis is still very much on learning through play, the children also embark on a more structured programme with Music, Modern Languages, PE and Swimming all forming part of their weekly timetable. We also have visiting teachers join us weekly to teach Creative Dance and Yoga.

Payment via the Government Tax-free Child Care Account is accepted, and from the age of three children are eligible for the universal Early Years Funding scheme which provides funding for up to 15 hours of child care. For a full breakdown of our session times and costs, please look at our Fees page.


The statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) provides the guidance and requirements supporting the learning and development of children in our care.  The Framework describes the stages for the development of children (from birth to 5 years of age) and how children’s health, well-being and safety are our priority within an environment that provides opportunities to allow them to reach their true potential.

The EYFS is made up of Three Prime Areas of Learning which are:

  • Communication & Language
  • Physical Development
  • Social and Emotional Development

and Four Specific Areas of Learning which are:

  • Literacy
  • Maths
  • Understanding of the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

The Prime Areas of Learning cover the knowledge and skills which are the foundation for children’s school readiness and future progress and which are applied and reinforced by the Specific Areas of Learning.  All of these areas of learning and development are important and are inter-connected.

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